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How to build a portfolio.

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

When starting out in modelling a common pitfall models tend to fall into when creating a portfolio is not giving enough thought to the structure and look of their image selection. Some of the things agencies will want to see is a versatility in a models posing, as well as an idea of what their personality is like. They want to know how well a model can tell a story through their posing and expressions. Try to avoid including the same types of images and consider which ones exhibit your best work.

As we've talked about in a previous blog, there are many types of modelling genres to explore these days; catwalk, editorial and alternative to name a few. It is important to understand where to place yourselves when entering the modelling industry and ensure your portfolio reflects that chosen area.

In this weeks blog we have 5 shots we believe are essential and can be included in any portfolio.

Tip 1) A classic headshot is a must!

A headshot shouldn't be anything too flashy. The aim of this image is to show your natural look and features without too much styling.

Tip 2) A full body shot.

A full body shot is there to give clients and agencies an idea of body shape, proportions and posture. Try not to wear anything baggy or oversized as this will hide your features and make it harder for agencies to determine what look will suit your body type.

Tip 3) Go bold with a wow image.

You've shown what you look like and what your proportions are. Now show an image that shows off some style and attitude, you want to jump out at people looking through your portfolio. Think of something editorial with a fashion focus.

Tip 4) Something candid.

Being able to convey emotion and feeling whilst telling a story through an image is a great skill to have. You'll see shots like this in the commercial market so it's wise to include it in your portfolio.

Tip 5) Finish your portfolio with your best image.

You'll want to go out with a bang and leave a lasting impression on your viewers so pick your best image to end with.

To find out more about the types of modelling you could explore why not check out our blog post on 7 types of modelling


If you want help building your first portfolio why not get in contact and start your modelling journey today.

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