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Project Bloom - Family photo shoot

At our little Wellington photo studio we are known for our famous Urban Fashion Photo Shoot experience and many of our clients choose this option because they either want to be a model or to try something new and boost their confidence. But did you know we can use our fashion photography style for any type of shoot?

We've had dancers bring their outfits in for dance shoots. We've had actors looking for a more eye catching head shot. Most recently we've done a family shoot with two sisters who wanted to capture some special images for their mum!

In this weeks blog we thought it would be cool to show a few images from one of our recent family shoots, so you can get an idea of what a family shoot might look like at Project Bloom and how it can be a great alternative to the more traditional family photography you see elsewhere.

The great thing about having a family photo shoot at Project Bloom is that by having your family members nearby you'll instinctively feel more comfortable. They can make you laugh for your photos and you can help them relax when its their turn. You'll not only get some great group shots with the family but you'll also get some solo shots just of yourself, which you can share online or have printed any way you like!

If you would like to include your family or siblings in a fashion shoot at Project Bloom, simply fill out the enquiry form below, tick Urban Fashion Photoshoot and leave a message in the question box requesting information about a family or sibling photoshoot.

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