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7 Types of Modelling

Often when deciding to pursue a career in modelling it can be hard to know which area to focus your attention on. When we think about modelling the first thing that comes to mind is usually Victoria Secrets and other high fashion runway models. In reality there are so many other areas of modelling that can be explored!

In this blog we detail 7 types of modelling that could be the right area for you.

1) Runway Modelling: Probably the best known type of modelling. Runway models take part in runway shows and showcase clothes and accessories from different designers. A runway model is hired depending upon the experience he or she has.

2) Plus Size Models: Those individuals whose measurements are larger than editorial fashion models can be categorised into plus-size models. Plus size models are increasingly taking part in fashion editorials and becoming part of the fashion industry. More designers are considering making clothes for the plus size market.

3) Fitness Model: A fitness model usually has quite an athletic build and defined muscles. They may work as a fitness instructor alongside modelling and may advertise anything from health supplements and clothing to gyms and fitness programs.

4) Glamour Model: A glamour model doesn't necessarily have strict size guidelines but are usually aimed towards a male audience. A glamour model may be hired to appear in calendars or mens magazines and tend to showcase more suggestive posing.

5) Alternative Model: An alternative model is someone who's appearance isn't in line with the mainstream idea of beauty. They may belong to certain subcultures such as goth or punk. Tattoos and piercings can often be seen in this area of modelling and as the fashion industry evolves alternative models are becoming more desirable.

6) Parts Model: A parts model is someone who just shows a certain part of their body. This can be hand models, feet models and even lip models! These types of models are in huge demand from companies who want the perfect hands, legs, feet or other body parts to advertise their product.

7) Promotional Model: A promotional model is usually an attractive individual who is hired with the purpose of interacting with an audience personally in order to promote a product, service or brand. They can usually be found at expos, trade shows and shopping malls.

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