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Welcome to 2020!! Cover Girl is on its way!.

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed the festive season and had a great New Year. It's such an exciting time at the moment as we not only start a brand new year but also start a brand new decade! Let the roaring 20's begin again!

It's been a little while since we've uploaded to our blog as we have been on our holidays too but we will now be uploading once a week again with loads of great content from model success stories, different shoots from the week and great tips and thoughts on everything from modelling, photography and motivation.

We thought this week we would talk a little about Cover Girl, whats happening and what you can expect this year.

Our Cover Girl Competition is our biggest project of the year and it has been running for over 7 years now.

We are immensely proud of everyone who has entered and taken part in our famous Urban Fashion photo shoots.

Although Cover Girl has been around in Wellington for several years now and many, many people have taken part we know people entering this year may not be fully aware of each of the stages so we've detailed them below for you.

-Round 1- Facebook/Public Vote Round:

One image form each model who has taken part in an Urban Fashion Photo Shoot over the past year will be uploaded to an album on our Facebook page titled Cover Girl 2020. The top 30 images with the most likes/votes will then progress to the next round. Models can share their images to generate more engagement and market themselves anyway they like. Buying likes will be against the rules however and if an image is suspected of buying likes it will be disqualified.

-Round 2 - Top 30 - Judges Round:

Once round 1 is completed the Top 30 images will be shown to our judges. Our judges are the sponsors of Project Bloom and Cover Girl. We have hair stylists form Jam Hair dressing, Make-up Artists as well as professional photographers all working together to decide which image has the WOW factor. Our judges don't just look at the model, they look at composition, lighting, atmosphere and story. They love an image that jumps out at them!

The judges will then score each image and the Top 6 with the highest scores go through to the next round.

-Round 3 - Semi-Finals:

During the semi-finals we will invite the Top 6 models to come to the studio for an interview. During this interview process our models will be asked a series of questions about themselves in order for the judges to get an insight into their personalities. What's most important here is to just be yourself! Be genuine and confident in yourself.

-Round 4 - Finals/Cover Girl Day!:

After the semi-finals the Top 6 will be whittled down to the Top 3! These will be our finalists. We will tell the finalist the day of the Grand Prize and only one will be surprised with the famous Cover Girl Limo! Our winner will then experience our huge Cover Girl Day valued at $3000!!

Not only will they be chauffeured into Wellington with their friends in a stretch limousine, they will get their hair and make-up done, have lunch prepared for them at the studio, experience a fashion shoot with their friends - complete with a folio box of stunning prints; they will also enjoying an incredible shopping spree where they will receive cash and vouchers from all our sponsors which they can spend any way they want!

This year our Cover Girl competition will be launching on the 21st of Feb which is only weeks away!!

If you would like to take part this year you must complete an Urban Fashion Photo shoot before the launch of the competition. There are two options you can take if you want to take part, you can either purchase a shoot from the booking section on our website or try and WIN a free shoot.



Here are a few of our previous winners.

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