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Top 3 Things To Bring To A Photo Shoot

If you've never done a shoot before it can sometimes feel a little daunting trying to figure out what on earth you should bring with you! You've read what its all about on the website and you've checked your emails from the studio but you're second guessing everything!

Well in this weeks blog we are going to tell you the Top 3 things you'll want to bring along to any photo shoot you have booked.

1) Obviously, different outfits are going to be essential and at Project Bloom we always recommend bringing a minimum of 3 but really you should bring along as many different outfits as you can. By doing this you are creating a scenario where you and your photography can go through all the clothes, creating combinations you may not have thought of and getting yourself involved in the curation of your photo shoot. Things like jackets and shoes can seriously change up how an outfit looks and by bringing along different styles we are increasing our options.

2) ACCESSORIES!! We're screaming this one because its so important. Accessories add a whole other level of character to an outfit. Including accessories not only allows you to put even more personality into your style but they can also really help when posing. If, like most people who come through our doors, you've never had a photo shoot before the idea of posing and modelling can sound terrifying. You're wondering how to stand, where to put your hands. By including accessories such as hats, bags even jewellery you automatically give your hands something to do. Holding a hat on your head or by your side, playing with a necklace around your neck or rocking an awesome bag will give you familiar actions to perform and will in turn create a more natural looking pose.

3) Make-up. Now, we are not necessarily talking about heavy make-up with bright colours and strong eye liner, unless thats a look you want to explore. We are talking more about a little foundation. The reason for this is because we use a lot of powerful lights at the studio and when we point them at people what you'll often find is the naturals oils and moisture on our skin can bounce the light back in a way thats not always particularly pleasant. This is something you'll see often on TV sets as well.

Cameras aren't as amazing as our eyes when adjusting for different types of light so using a little foundation can help us achieve a more natural looking skin tone when using flash photography.

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