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Project Bloom - Birthday Shoots.

There are many reasons to book a shoot with Project Bloom. Perhaps you're looking to gain modelling experience? Maybe you want to try something new to boost your confidence? Or maybe you want a fun experience to share with your friends. These are all great reasons to book a shoot with us, so why not make it extra special by coinciding it with a special life event like a birthday!

We have 3 reasons why booking a shoot for your birthday is a great idea:

1) It can be easy for us to do the same thing we do every year for our birthdays without thinking too much of what a significant time it can be in our lives. Becoming a teenager for the first time, being old enough buy a drink or learning to drive, entering our 20's, these are all significant things! Marking this occasion with a photo shoot can be an awesome way to capture these moments in stunning style.

2) Since it's your birthday, you've probably got lots of things planned for you day. Lunch with friends, a movie in the afternoon, maybe a night out if you're old enough. Bringing your friends along to our studio for a fashion photo shoot can be such a fun addition to the day! You'll be full of confidence and excited by having your friends with you, and it will show in the images!

3) Since it's your birthday, you may be looking at what gifts you might like from your friends and family. Well, a Project Bloom fashion shoot doesn't end at the end of the photo shoot. We have a huge selection of products ranging from high-res digital images, beautiful portfolio books, stunning canvases and quality art-prints available to purchase at your viewing. Whether your looking to get something small or one of our famous collections, you'll be spoilt for choice when looking through our catalogue.

Our Wellington photographers are seasoned professionals who deal with amateur and professional models all the time. They can work with clients to get the best out of them and understand it can be a little nerve raking being in front of a camera. Feel free to talk to your photographer about what you like and what you want your photo shoot to be about.

Enquire about a shoot today and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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