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A Project Bloom Model Success Story: Bella

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

We had such a great response from our last model success story that we thought it would be great to showcase other models who have come through Project Bloom's doors and gone on to have success in a professional environment.

This weeks blog is about Bella. Bella came through our doors a couple years ago and wowed us with her confidence and wonderful personality. Since developing her portfolio here at Project Bloom she has gone on to sign with Kirsty Bunny, a very well known talent agent in the Wellington area.

We caught up with her recently and asked a few questions about her journey.

What made you take part in a Project Bloom Shoot?

I entered in one of Project Bloom's competitions for a free photoshoot and was surprised to find that I had won it. I had also heard really positive things about Project Bloom through friends who had previous experience with them. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some photos taken and explore my modelling potential.

What did you enjoy about your Project Bloom Photo Shoot?

I really enjoyed the supportiveness of the photographers and how they guided me through all of the shoots I did with them. This was especially important to me as it was my first time in front of a camera. It was fun, yet very professional.

When did you become interested in modelling?

I had thought about it for a year or so before my first shoot and that was one of the reasons I signed up to Project Bloom. After a year of thinking about it, Project Bloom was a really good place for me to start.

What did you do with your images after your Bloom Shoot?

The photos I got from Project Bloom were the building blocks of my portfolio and these were the images I used when I approached modelling agencies. The photos were really high quality, which was important to me.

What happened when you sent your portfolio to modelling agencies?

I sent my portfolio off to three agencies and all three came back to me within a few days. I narrowed it down to two agencies, then after meeting with Kirsty Bunny Management, I decided they were the best fit for me.

Why did you choose Kirsty Bunny?

I chose Kirsty Bunny Management because of the care and effort they showed and a high level of ethics towards their models. It was also important to me that they were locally based. Kirsty is really friendly and approachable and gave me a full rundown of what to expect in the industry at my initial meeting with her. She has really great networks and she is already connecting me to opportunities.

What's it like being signed to an agency?

It's early days, but so far it has been a really positive experience.

What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Find people to work with (like Project Bloom and Kirsty Bunny) who are supportive and professional. Just go for it and be confident in yourself. Don't take things to heart if they don't go your way, just keep trying.

Check out this video to see what happens on an Urban Fashion photo shoot.

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