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5 Reasons to have a Photo Shoot

Having a professional photo shoot is the best way to experience what it's like to be a model and to build a modelling portfolio but it's not the only reason to have a photo shoot. Here are the top 5 reasons to have a photo shoot in 2019.


- Having a photo shoot can be a great way to boost your confidence! That can often seem like a counterintuitive concept when you're putting yourself on the spot and in front of the camera. It's a scary thing sometimes, but thats completely natural! The difference between going out on your own and taking pictures and having a professional do it for you is that the photographer knows what they are doing and want to help you to create the best pictures you can. Knowing you can confront those fears, express yourself in a safe and encouraging environment and see what amazing images you can create will reinforce the idea that you can take on any challenge, no matter how nervous you may be, and surprise yourself.


- We all have smartphones these days and we all take photos of every moment that happens in our lives, but more often that not those images get snapped and stored deep inside our photo gallery never to be seen again. Whether its a birthday, graduation, or any other significant milestone you have in your life, taking the time to book and take part in a professional photo shoot can be a brilliant way to remember that special time. People are inherently nostalgic and we love looking back at old photos, having an image you went out of your way to create will always be something you enjoy looking at more than a dark pixelated image from an old, outdated phone.


- This might sound like a lot of effort to go through in order to have some nice images to go online, but why not! Having some awesome photos for a dating site you may be on is a sure fire way to stand out and catch peoples eye. Perhaps you needs some images for a professional work profile and you'd like something a bit more interesting than a forced smile and a white background. Maybe you just want some killer photos to go on your instagram feed. Whatever it is, going though a professional photo shoot and handpicking your favourite images to share online is something that can really get you noticed.


- Having lovely professional photos taken doesn't always have to be something for you. In fact its quite common to have images taken for a loved one. Parents and Grandparents will always love having beautiful photos of their children to have on the wall or displayed in stunning book.


- This is an obvious one but if you are at all interested in pursuing modelling in any form then your are 100% going to need a portfolio of images to show prospective agencies or photographers. Having a professional portfolio will show you have experience and are committed to your craft. Agencies will want to be able to see what you can do and the different looks and poses your have in your repertoire.

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