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Is an Urban Fashion Photo Shoot just for aspiring models?

Obviously at Project Bloom we put quite an emphasis on our Fashion experience and this can sometimes get people wondering whether you need to have a desire to become a model in order to take part in one of our Urban Fashion photo shoots.

This is definitely not the case!

We love it when people take an interest in modelling and when they choose us to help them pursue their career goals its amazing but there are also many other reasons to take part in one of our awesome photo experiences.

In this weeks blog we have outlined 3 reasons why an Urban Fashion photo shoot might be a great idea for you.

1) A fun activity for you and your friends.

Including your friends in an Urban Fashion Photo Shoot can be such an awesome thing to do together. Not only will you feel more confident with your friends around, you can encourage each other to try new things and have fun. You'll also get some awesome fashion pictures of you as a group and individuals. We usually say up to 6 people on one photo shoot can allow everyone to get some great tips on posing and enough images of you all to share. This can be a great option if you have a birthday coming up and want to include a photo shoot as part of you birthday experience!

2) A family experience.

Turning an Urban Fashion shoot into a family shoot can be a great way to get amazing family photos that are far from the boring old plain white background we so often see in traditional portraits. Whats great about our Urban Shoots is that we get out of the studio and being based on Cuba Street means we're not short of great locations to get amazing pictures.

3) Social Media!

This is a bit of a broad one as there are so many different social platforms out there these days, but whether you want some sweet new content for your Instagram, some eye-catching close ups for Tinder or perhaps even a headshot of Linkedin that shows a bit more character and personality then the generic business headshot's, an Urban Fashion Shoot could be just what you need!

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