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What does Project Bloom actually do?

Project Bloom has been running for several years now and we've had countless people come through our doors, ready to create awesome images. However, people who are new to our brand can be mistaken about what we actually do here at the studio.

We thought it might be helpful to do a blog about the types of work we do and don't do at Project Bloom and why we might be a great fit for some people and potentially not the right fit for others.

Lets start with what Project Bloom doesn't do!

  • Project Bloom is not a modelling agency - This means we don't represent or manage models. We are simply the photographers who provide the images for models to present to agencies.

  • Project Bloom doesn't hire models - At Project Bloom we have hundreds of clients coming through the doors looking to experience modelling and these are the models we showcase on our website and social sites. It is for this reason why we don't hire professional models. We want to show the real people who come to the studio and the incredible talent and confidence they bring with them.

What Project Bloom does do!

  • Project Bloom is a fashion photography experience - We offer a taste of what it is like to be a model on a fashion shoot. Our experience is a unique one that we hope will be fun and encouraging.

  • Boosts Confidence - We want our clients to recognise one tiny aspect of their own hidden potential in a way that will hopefully encourage them to discover many other ways in which they can learn and grow throughout their lives.

  • Portfolio Building - Many people who come through our door aren't just looking for an awesome experience but are actively looking to pursue modelling. This is where we can help. Our professional photographers work with prospective models to curate an incredible portfolio to showcase to agencies all over the country. We provide not only digital images to send and present online but also custom made portfolio books to take to meetings and castings.

  • Cover Girl Competition - Best of all is our seasonal Project Bloom Cover Girl Competition! Everyone 13 years or older who has a shoot with us is in the draw to win our $3000+ prize pack that keeps getting better each season thanks to our amazing sponsors.  

We hope this answers a few questions about what Project Bloom is really about and whether its the right fit for you!

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