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Theme Shoots: Getting creative whilst in isolation

We are now a week into isolation and I think we are all getting on with the situation the best we can. Taking it day by day as they say.

Obviously we aren't doing any photo shoots at the moment. At first this left us wondering what to do with ourselves and boredom quickly set in. Boredom however, is usually the key to opening up the fountain of creativity we all have within us!

We are now using this time to think of all the cool things we want to do when we get back into our little Wellington studio.

Theme shoots weren't anything new to us as Project Bloom but now we're thinking outside the box and coming up with all sorts of new things we've not tried before.

One of the big ideas we've been working on since before the lockdown was a huge model search competition to rival our famous Cover Girl competition. We want to find the best talent in the Wellington area and offer an incredible, professional portfolio to the winner and set them on the path to model stardom.

If we are to do this competition we want to diversify the types of shoots we do to ensure we explore all types of modelling and open up the possibilities to the variety of people that live in Wellington.

Here's a few images from some of our previous theme shoots. We've love to know what you think and encourage you to message us with any ideas you may have!

Reckless Red Shoot: This has been one of our most popular theme shoots and one we've revisited many times.

Dance Shoots: The dance shoots have been a relatively new addition to Project Bloom but it's quickly becoming a whole new category of its own at our photo studio.

Neon Shoot: The neon theme shoot is definitely something we want to explore more. We love the endless possibilities you can get from using colour gels. With a little photo shoot magic we can transform images into a futuristic work of art!

Film Noir: The film noir theme was something we only explored briefly but we think the monochromatic black and white look could definitely be expanded on. Black and white takes out all the distraction colour can sometimes create and puts all the emphasis on light and the way it plays with shape.

Love yourself: The love yourself theme shoot was something we explored for valentines day a few years back. We wanted to move the focus away form couples and explore confidence, female empowerment and loving yourself! We played with fairy lights, mirrors and photo shop to create all sorts of awesome effects with the camera. We loved the images so much we continue to use them for promotions to this day.

Which theme shoot do you like the most? Why not comment with your favourite or tag us on Instagram with your own ideas. #projectbloomthemeshoots

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